Luling, One of the World's Art Capitals


Thousands of years of splendid civilization and countless wealth has left many treasures. In May 2020, a huge promotional film of city culture from Ji 'an City in Jiangxi Province of China appeared on the LED giant screen of Nasdaq in New York City. Ji 'an, the hometown of many gifted Chinese scholars, has sent the world an invitation from Luling.

Ji 'an, known as Luling in ancient times, not only has beautiful mountains and rivers, but also has a large number of talented people. The beauty of Luling lies in its unique culture and long history. Once a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River, it has once again received the world's attention.

Without Luling

In the world art, there is one missing treasure.

If people travel to Japan and pass Osaka, they must not miss Osaka's Toyo Ceramic Art Museum. Among its collection of more than 150 Chinese ceramic treasures, there is a leaf cup from Jizhou Kiln in the Song Dynasty, which is regarded as a national treasure.

This artwork is now recognized as a treasure. People who have seen it are all shocked by the colorful light on its glaze. It came from the Song Dynasty more than 700 years ago.

"How can we interpret the Buddhist terminology 'Jinfengtilu'? The fundamentals never change. It is just like a leaf floating in the cup." - Song Dynasty, Zen master of Baiyangfashun

After being filled with tea, wooden leaf cup reflects the sky. the details of the leaf pattern are clear and the light is shining above its surface. This is the wonderful artistic conception of the poem called "A leaf floating in the cup."

Leaf cup is not only a tea ware, but also a device of Zen. After leaving the temple, it gradually became popular among literati and officialdom, and later entered the palace to be enjoyed by the royal family. Emperor Song Huizong said in his book Views On Tea, Cup: "Green and black are the best colors of the cups."

If there is no Luling, there is no craftsman in Jizhou kiln. This would be a pity for the world's handicraft industry.

Without Luling

Chinese arts are less wonderful

In the spring of 990 years ago, Ouyang Xiu entered the civil service. This "great writer" a shining star in China's 5,000-year history, began to gain fame in the Song Dynasty. In addition to Ouyang Xiu himself, there are also five of the Eight Masters of Tang and Song Dynasties who came from this school.

Before him, his hometown Luling had long been well known for its numerous talented people.

From Tang and Song Dynasties to Ming and Qing Dynasties, Luling had nearly 3,000 imperial examination candidates, 52 of whom were first, second and third in number, creating the imperial examination phenomenon that most of the civil servants and military officers in the imperial court came from Ji 'an. Especially in the Song Dynasty, the civilization and social system established on the basis of highly developed art and culture had a profound impact on the world society, life and system.

How could there be so many literati in the Song Dynasties without the glory of Luling? Maybe the world will be different.

Without Luling

Many important figures will be missing in Chinese history.

In modern times, Ji 'an City, as an old revolutionary area, had made huge contributions. The city has more than 50,000 famous revolutionary martyrs and 147 generals.

In the Korean War, the first batch generals who entered North Korea were from Ji 'an.

There were four generals in Guantian Township of Ji 'an County. People call it "General Village".

Luling Ji 'an's "red culture" has long been in history. This is the hometown of Wen Tianxiang, a statesman and anti-Yuan official in the late Song Dynasty. His famous words: "As death befalls all men alike, I'll keep a loyal heart to make a name in history" has inspired generations of Chinese children to follow one another in the interest of the nation. A large number of people with lofty ideals, such as Zhou Bida, Minister of the three dynasties, and Liu Chenweng, a famous poet, were born here.

Without Luling and the heroic epic handed down from generation to generation, China's red culture and national spirit would lose important content.

Fortunately, Luling does exits.

In the poems and books of generations of literati

In the hands of craftsmen

At the feet of heroes and heroines

Everywhere in Ji 'an today

It still shines with indelible brilliance.

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